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Professional Services, Maintenance and Service Contractors, Home Improvement, Caregiver and Health Aides, Human Resource Recruiting Firms, Transportation Companies, Shared Economy and many others.

Our Solutions


I've Been Vetted (IBV) provides the world's first Auto-Renewable Post Employment Risk Mitigation platform to show your clients an enhanced level of safety and security.  IBV helps your company to mitigate risks related to negligent hiring.  Member companies receive a customized and secure portal that allows them to filter results by occupation, region and status.  A market differentiator, IBV also encourages employees, independent contractors and vendors to avoid activities that could taint the reputation of your company.

IBV builds trust

Stay ahead of the competition and position your company as the trusted brand.


With an auto-renewable check, you are an informed employer and those training dollars maintain their value when your employee or independent contractor is aware that they will undergo a background check every six (6) months.

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Stay ahead of the competition and rebrand your company as the trusted choice.