Manage worker risk and reduce liability with the first real-time risk assessment tool.

I've Been Vetted® (IBV)  is dedicated to improved safety and security through intelligent risk management tools. We help organizations to boost company culture by creating greater transparency and accountability in the human capital supply chain.

Our Solutions


There are thousands of potential worker risks out there making it increasingly difficult for Human Resource and Risk Management executives to stay on top of regulatory and compliance requirements.

We build intelligent tools to predict, prevent and mitigate Employer Liability risks.

Our flagship platform, is the first risk mitigation tool to be completely portable, real-time and permission-based. Using cutting-edge intelligent tools, helps companies maximize their corporate responsibility efforts and minimize worker risk. Our user friendly platform permits employers to process their data sets and compile relevant information that can be used to manage risk, reduce culturally negative behaviors, improve company performance and enhance brand reputation.

This technology has immense potential and is beneficial to employers in a number of industries, including:

  • Professional Services
  • Maintenance and Service Contractors
  • Home Improvement
  • Caregivers and Healthcare Aides
  • Human Resource Recruiting Firms
  • Transportation Companies
  • Shared Economy Contractors
And many more.

Better Information Leads to Better Decisions

The best way to manage risk and avoid litigation is by making proactive, informed decisions based on sound data. , an automated risk management tool, compiles and delivers that data so that you can act proactively.

By measuring key elements of occupational behaviors, we are able to generate automated worker risk scores that allow you to gain visibility into emerging issues in order to course-correct, avoid litigation and enhance the reputation of your brand.

Identify Negative Behaviors in Real-Time

For the first time ever, offers a permission-based, automated way to obtain accurate risk assessments live in real-time.

Reduce Financial Costs and Mitigate Liability

By staying on top of emerging issues as they develop, you can mitigate risk proactively and save money in the process.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

makes it easy for your organization to limit the negative behaviors that wreak havoc on your brand reputation and bottom line.




The Next Generation of Risk Management is Here

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